As a writer, one of the niche market I am passionate about is travel writing. In fact I have imagined myself travelling to so many places and writing about them. However, because of my studies, I have been taking my time in launching out. Last month, a friend informed me about some good travels deals and I thought how great an idea it will be to have blog or website for travels.

First, I decided to get a domain name – Ajala travels. If anyone had asked me if I was sure it was available. I could have sworn it was not taken because Ajala is not an English word. Ajala was the Nigerian name of a man who was said to have travelled round the world in a rickety jeep. Well I can’t prove the authenticity of the story but the name Ajala is now being used to describe any Nigerian who travels a lot. How in my wildest imagination I was certain the name would be available beats me. Anyway, I set out to buy the name only to discover that it was not available. I tried, and – already registered.

Can you guess how I felt? Bewildered! I sat for a while wondering which other name to go for. Then, what about my name! The thought of it! I quickly checked the availability of my name. Thank goodness! It was available probably because it is a unique name. I would have mourned for days before deciding what to do. Then it dawned on me that no one is a custodian of names and ideas. I learnt that it is good to take action immediately. I remembered the story that was told about the first man that would have invented the seat belt but was discouraged by his wife and someone else did. I bet he wished he did not listen to his wife but took action.

You may not be ready for an online presence but you have plans to brand yourself online in future. I recommend that you go buy your domain name now! Domain names at $10 per year from google are economical. You certainly can pay $10 yearly to maintain your name.

If you already blogging on blogger for instance, you can use your domain name on your blog. Google has also made it easy such that you can buy a domain name through google apps. Go to setting on your blog, click on publishing and click on custom domain, check availability and follow the process to the checkout page and get yourself a domain name.

If you don’t have a blog, just go ahead and buy your domain name from godaddy which is also one of the companies google uses. When you are ready to blog or own a website, your webhost is not going to turn you down because you already have a domain name.

Imagine if you become a star or a person to reckon with in future which would necessitate an online presence and your name has been taken. Well, there is the option of meeting the person who bought it first and offer to buy it at a good price. Yea, the person may agree if you are famous and he or she appreciates you. However, you may pay hundreds of dollars for what would have cost you ten dollars. Then imagine another scenario where the person blows his or her top, tweets and shares how selfish you are. That would not be good for your reputation would it? Let’s face it, if you are diligent in what you are doing, you will be a force to reckon with. So prepare for the future.

Don’t miss out of having the opportunity of having that your unique name. Go buy a domain name now!

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