I’m Ndidi

I’m a trained pharmacist and a teacher in the health space, investpreneur and explorer of the finance space in the quest to attain financial freedom, a speaker, and a writer. I’m here for us to journey together as we change our habits to achieve a personal harmony. Striving for personal harmony enables us to be the best we can be.

In this journey, no part of us (the spirit, soul, and body) should be neglected. Integration of the spirit, soul and body helps us to live our highest purpose


 Wellness is the holistic integration of the well-being of the spirit, soul, and body. Wellness has 8 interdependent dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, environmental and vocational dimensions. When one or more dimensions are neglected, they adversely affect the others and invariably, one’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

8 Dimensions of Wellness II


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I’ve been a chronic workaholic who now understands the impact of working hard and long on my health, well-being and quality of life. My work is mostly sedentary and for long hours. The focus was always to reduce workload, instead it piled up.

I’d fall sick so often in a year because I’d be so focused on work that I didn’t care for my spirit and body. Despite the progress in career, I got to a point where it dawned on me that I had neither job nor financial satisfaction

I evaluated my life and decided to aim at personal harmony which can only be achieved when I focus on the three parts of me (spirit, body and soul) and not just one part. The journey to personal harmony has begun, and I intend to use this space to write about my experiences, findings, lessons, and any useful information with regards to wellness.

Life is full of experiments. I keep exploring to find what works. When I find it, I flow with it. I’ve learnt that neither mistakes nor failures define me. I choose to learn from them instead and find how to use them as steppingstones.

I’m beginning to make conscious efforts to eat less and better. I’m beginning to take steps to financial freedom. I’m not afraid of taking financial risks as I’ve learnt to invest what I can afford to lose. And I’m also working on the other dimensions of wellness.

Join me in this journey


May your Spirit, Soul and Body be preserved complete.

To Your Wellness 

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