How did writing start in the first place? Did it start with the Greeks who are known to have been knowledgeable centuries ago? Perhaps it may have! Or was it the Romans that initiated writing? Or the Egyptians? What caused the Greeks or Romans or the Egyptians to begin to communicate through writing? Whoever wrote down the first alphabets or words must have had a strong desire burning within to communicate. Now one may not be able to tell if the person written to understood but I imagine the person written to may have also had a strong desire to understand.

Imagine I was one of the first readers. I got a message from the leader of my clan written on limestone. OH No! How can I forget? The messenger turned his back to me, ‘A message from His Eminence.’ I looked at his back. Indeed it was not plain. There were marks on it. I slowly moved my fingers over the marks. I could not make a thing out of them. Then I asked the messenger, “Please tell me, what am I expected to do with these? What did he tell you to tell me?” Looks like his Eminence has learnt a new thing and he wants to experiment with me? I thought.

“I was only told the message is on my back and I am to wait and receive your response”, said the messenger.

My response! I panicked! I shivered! Sweat began to flow from my head down to my chin and unto the messenger’s back. My leader had always sent messages to me by word of mouth. Why has he chosen to write marks on a messenger’s back and expect me to understand? This must be a trap!

Although the first scribbling may have been difficult to understand, it gave way to more people opting to learn how to communicate through writing. As more people got involved with writing, it evolved to modern writing where everyday conversation can even occur through writing rather than speaking such as chatting to a friend on yahoo messenger or facebook.

The materials of writing also evolved as writing evolved. From stone, metals, messenger’s body, calabash, tablet and roll to wood-pulp paper and electronic version. The materials of early writing may not have made it easy for a lot of people to become writers. Furthermore, audience was limited. Now, you can write from the comfort of your home to millions of readers with no geographical restriction. Did I say millions of readers? Yes, publishing online provides a larger audience. And as long as the site is available, whatever you have written will be read for years.

Indeed the present day technology has improved writing as well as made it easy for those desiring to write to launch out and do so. You no longer have to depend solely on traditional publishers to have your work published. The modern materials have also helped to debunk the myths and excuses that prevent people from becoming writers.

It is even more interesting to note that some people who are faithful at writing journals daydream about being writers but never launch out.  The challenge is no longer about limited facilities but for most people in this present time, they are their greatest enemies. Shut down the critic within you and write. Publish your work online and let your readers be your judge!

Sit down and write out your objectives for writing. Yes, answer the question, why do I want to write. Get that right and it will help keep you motivated and writing. Never be afraid of making mistakes because we learn from them. Go ahead and write for people to read. The more you write, the better you become at it.

There is no better time to launch out as a writer than now! A lot of resources are available online to encourage a writer such as writers’ forums and courses. Self publishing is also being encouraged and your self-published work may be the key to traditional publishers should you still want to use their services.

The World Wide Web has revolutionized writing making it easier for a writer to launch out, minimizing publishing hurdles, providing global readers such that your writing reaches people the hard copies may not. You should take advantage of it now!


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