The motivational speakers, business gurus, coaches and mentors emphasize on purposefulness, finding purpose, being purposeful, and living a purposeful life such that the word, purpose in this context may now sound like a cliché that seems to have lost its savour.

Living a purposeful life is fundamental to the essence of our being. When you find your purpose early, it gives your life some direction. A non-directional life ends up in misery, regrets and hatred for self, others, and the environment.

When people do not identify and connect with their purpose and intent for life, we’ll have a generation of people living life meaninglessly and not giving positive inputs to the society, hence no societal development.

Imagine a world with ‘just’ 50% non-directional beings. No! Don’t imagine it. Save yourself from the trauma…

Let’s unpack the word ‘purpose’

Purpose is the ‘why’ of our existence. Each one of us is in this world for a reason. It is like the pieces of a picture; each piece is important without which the picture is not complete. Do you have a picture of a better world? What do you think your role will be in achieving the picture you see? It starts with your own immediate environment.

When you talk about the purpose of an object, you are referring to what you use object for. When you speak about the purpose of an event or action, you are stating the reason for which the event had to take place, or the action had to be taken. Purpose is the reason for which you take a decision, determination in a particular direction, and the creation of something.

What is life’s purpose?

There is a reason for which a life is existing. The purpose of a life is what we use the life for, the quality of being determined to do or achieve something in life, or to reach a decision in life!

As simple as it looks, it may require years to discover your purpose, months to build an “intently will power” and many years of focus, not giving up, consistency and consciousness for the fruits of your purpose to manifest.

The time factor of purpose is exactly why you need to start this journey early.

It’s self-evident that if you’re ignorant of your purpose in life, you can’t be purposeful. So, your journey to being purposeful begins with finding your purpose.


A simple approach in using an instrument to get it up and running in a short time is to refer to the manual, the manufacturer’s guide.

Hence, an easy (I agree it isn’t so easy) approach to you finding your purpose is to commune with your creator (Father God). He who created you knows exactly why he put you in this world and what piece of the picture you are and where you fit in the picture.

You could find your purpose by looking deep within and search for what your heart is passionate about.

What’s that one ambition you’ve had since childhood?

What’s that thing you’re so good at that the society could award you for?

What’s that thing you can do effortlessly that others find extraordinary?

What’s that one societal ill that’s so much of a burden to you?

Purpose often hides in passion.

Moses, the Hebrew, couldn’t bear to see the suffering of his people, the Israelites. And so, when he found two people fighting, an Egyptian was beating a Hebrew; and ensuring no one was watching, he killed the Egyptian. While he did this, he did not know that he’d be the one to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

In fact, when God called him for the cause, he gave reasons he wasn’t fit for the assignment. Your assignment in life is your purpose. God patiently debunked all excuses and in the end Moses gave in and God used him to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.

But look at the event that took place, he had a burden; he had a pain, he couldn’t see his people suffer!

These were pointers that his purpose was to take the Israelites out of Egypt. In a like manner, there are many people out there who have found purpose from their passions, from things that got them thinking, frustrations, limitations around them, tragedies, and the list goes on.

A typical example is Albert Einstein. He had passion for theories of physics and constantly sought to bring together forces of nature. Look at all the discoveries we have in physics today and how life is easier. Thanks to the man who yielded to his passion.

Sometimes your purpose could be from experiences you’ve had. Say you had a terrible parental upbringing and because of that you made lots of regrettable mistakes and had to suffer trauma often. Miraculously, you came out of it and afterwards you’ve an insanely burning desire to help those who suffered the same fate as you. That’s purpose.

Life didn’t throw all those ‘wish it didn’t happen to me’ mess at you for throwing sake. If you didn’t feel it, you can’t effectively help those feeling it. The things you go through are deliberate for your good and the good of other people.

Are you going through a horrible phase right now? Do you feel the need to not let anybody else go through the same?

That could be purpose knocking there.

Amazingly, finding purpose unlocks success and fulfilment. Like they say, ‘the taste of the pudding is in the eating.’

Being purposeful.

To be purposeful is to be intentional.

You are intentional when you are running with your purpose. As soon as you identify your purpose, you’ve a vision and then you set goals that will take you to the place you’ve envisioned within a timeline you’ve given yourself and everything you do revolves round that vision, primarily intended to take you there.

Being purposeful is creating your ‘why’ for whatever you do.

You’re turning it down if it doesn’t contribute to your vision. If it’s going to take you off the mission, you’re saying ‘No’. If it’s time wasting, you’re backing off!

I mean… The consciousness of your purpose and vision gives you direction and leads you on any step you’re taking.

That’s how to be purposeful, that’s how to be intentional!

Purposeful living isn’t a smooth journey to embark on. There may be frustrations on the way. You may be distractions. There may be challenges. You may not have the desired support. Initially, it may seem like you are on the wrong path. You may even want to give up. In such periods when things and people do not align, remember your why? Push on! Push on and push into your breakthrough, success, and fulfilment.

Your creator didn’t promise you a smooth ride. He promised to be with you, and He said you’ll be more than a conqueror. Your purpose may seem bigger than you, but remember, if you can dream it, or think of it, then you can do it.

Come out of your fear and timidity. Let obstacles be stepping stones to your achievements. Find the purpose in you and unleash YOU – talent, skills and all – to your world. You’ll be better for it. The world will be better for it.

You need to discipline yourself to live a life of purpose. You didn’t come to earth to just live and die after some time. Your creator assigned something peculiar to you that only you can achieve.

He created you to engrave your prints, make impact and your fragrance should linger after you’ve left.

You’ve a purpose, remember that.

Have you identified your purpose? Share with us please. 

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