Have you ever asked yourself this question? Perhaps the thoughts of you being a writer have crossed your mind a number of times. You may dismiss them because the critic in you can’t imagine you can write. As you discuss with friends, or you read on writing you ask, “how do I know I can write”

Perhaps, I should define who a writer is:

A writer is simply a person who pens or types his thoughts and ideas on a paper or word document to inform, motivate, entertain and persuade his readers

So you know you can write if:

You strongly desire to do so

You keep a journal

You have been told you can

You critic the writings of others

You have imagined and written the scenes in your mind

You have an objective to reach to readers to inform, entertain, influence etc

No one becomes an excellent writer from the first day of writing. No one is born an excellent writer. The talent may be there but it is perfected by practice.

So if you desire to write, go ahead and Write! Never give up even if they are badly written. Don’t let the critics discourage you. You get better as you write more.

If your next question is what to write, remember a writer is one who writes his thoughts etc. So go ahead and write your thoughts.


Image by Chrisharvey @ Dreamstime

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