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Wellness is more than physical health.

It’s a holistic integration of the spirit, mind, and body.

We desire peace, joy, freedom, balance, and fulfillment.

To attain these, we need to craft our lives holistically.


When we focus on crafting our lives to become; in becoming, we attain.

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Novel Writing – Progress Report III

Novel Writing – Progress Report III

Done! Fini!! Finito!!! It has been a month of drive, uncertainty and pressure but above all it was good. The novel "The Forbidden" has been drafted. Indeed I agree with Chris Baty that a deadline can generate a product even if it is in its rough form. Yes, the novel...

Novel Writing – Progress Report II

Novel Writing – Progress Report II

This is the third week of National Novel Writing Month and I am making progress. So far I have written 35000 words. It is thrilling to know I could get to 35000 words because when I wrote 20000 words, I lost interest in the storyline. I found myself plotting a new...

Novel Writing  – Progress Report I

Novel Writing – Progress Report I

It is novel writing month! Did you register with NanoWriMo for the writing challenge? How are you faring? I did register for the writing challenge and I am pushing to ensure I cross the finish line of 50,000 words. I don't think I am doing badly currently. I have...

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