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aka Didi Investpreneur | A Crafter on a Boundless Platform


Wellness is more than physical health.

It’s a holistic integration of the spirit, mind, and body.

We desire peace, joy, freedom, balance, and fulfillment.

To attain these, we need to craft our lives holistically.


When we focus on crafting our lives to become; in becoming, we attain.

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Everything in the law code sums up to Love

Everything in the law code sums up to Love

Death and destruction are on rampage, from town to town, city to city and from country to country. Switch on to any news channel, you are informed of one chaos or another; one tragedy or another. People gather face to face, on social media or phone calls discussing:...

Has Humaneness walked out on us?

Has Humaneness walked out on us?

The news have been coming in for years in trickles, now and then. Suddenly, it is campaigning to be a daily occurrence. Shooting here, shooting there; bomb here, bomb there, kidnapping here, kidnapping there; slaving in one form, slaving in another form; abuse in this...

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A collection of paintings, sand collage and everything else for your pleasure.

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Wear these accessories and add glamour, originality, style, and distinctiveness to your look.

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Dear single lady, know who you are. Step away from the ordinary and be extraordinary.

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