This is the third week of National Novel Writing Month and I am making progress. So far I have written 35000 words. It is thrilling to know I could get to 35000 words because when I wrote 20000 words, I lost interest in the storyline. I found myself plotting a new storyline. The new storyline was completely different and in a different genre. It would in no way fit into the present story. So I ‘sat myself down’ and we had a good talk.

I convinced myself to continue with the first story since I had written 20000 words. To get the story moving, I plunged in a tragedy which gave me over 4000 words and then my main character changed location and I got additional 10000 words.

Consequently, the new storyline was shelved for another writing month.

My target is to get to 45000 words by weekend. I will keep you posted.

So did anyone join the writing challenge? Leave a comment and share how you are faring.

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