Branding yourself online as a writer requires some basic marketing strategies. I recommend blogging because it is one of the most effective ways to interact with your readers and clients. However, to blog a few things should be in place.

Domain Name:

If you are aspiring to be a freelance writer, then you should have a domain name. A domain name is simply what you choose to name yourself on the internet and what people will use to find you. You are currently in my hub and if you noticed, I have chosen my name as the domain name of this blog. If you intend to have a self-hosted blog, then a domain name becomes imperative.

I bought my domain name through google apps. Google apps suits me because I see it has got a good package for businesses. However, there are other domain registrars such as host gator.


It’s okay if you choose to start with free blogging sites such as blogger. As you progress and earn more as a writer, in the bid to live up to your status, you may choose to move on to a self-hosted blog. If the transition is not smooth, you may lose some of your readers and clients.

So what do I recommend?  Look at the bigger picture! You will excel as a writer so you might as well get a self-hosted blog which is more interactive, flexible and helps to improve your visibility online., a free platform for blogging is easy to use but has to be hosted enabling you to have much control over your blog. There are quite a number of webhost but I recommend host gator which is the company hosting this blog.

I am quite particular about customer support especially for one who is new to webhosting and blogging. Furthermore, you will appreciate the support of host gator if you are a novice but you are determined to manage your blog yourself. I have had to use the live chat severally and the staff has been polite and available 24/7. I don’t have to wait for hours or the next day for help. So go for host gator and you will be glad you did.

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