combination lock“Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the numbers, in the right orders, so you can have anything you want” – Brian Tracy

On twitter, I came across a tweet of someone expressing concern for not being able to figure out what to do. She stated it was the challenge of adulthood. The comments indeed showed that several people are at the same crossroads.

One comment stated that he had exhausted all options, and another said she did not even know what she should do in the coming year to be financially afloat. Quite some comments showed that for some people, the crux of the matter is their mindset.

As a man thinks so is he!

I have kept myself down for so long giving excuses for things not working out in my life. I spent years explaining away not having the life I dream of. One main excuse was I had no time, my 9 – 5 job was taking my time.

For over 12 years my romance with achieving my dream has been “touch and go”. I look back now, I want to feel bad, but I encourage myself with “it is never late” and “learn from the past and don’t let it keep you down.”

I knew I had to work on myself. My dreams would not become a reality by the sporadic attempts at it. In one of those moments, I found on audible; “The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield.

After listening to the book, I knew I had to beDream + work intentional, stop giving excuses or blaming things and people. I have resolved to improve myself – have my mind renewed and take actions. Yes, my 9 – 5 job may try to consume all my time but like a GPS, when I go off, I must recalculate and get back on track.

I must never let myself settle for the rat race, constant complaints and blaming game. I have decided I’ll not remain in the valley of indecision when the mountain of success and abundant life is beckoning.

Are you wondering why you are working so hard; nothing seems to be working out as you want?

Are you second guessing your decisions, wondering if what you are doing right now is what you should be doing?

Are you sad and scared hoping your life doesn’t remain the same way this year and beyond?

You are not the only one. I have been there.

And the book, “The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” is helping me take steps that will get me to the top of the mountain of success and abundant life.

The Principles of Success

SuccessThe book, “The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” was published over 15 years ago but believe me, the principles apply today. There are 64 evergreen principles in the book.

The book is a comprehensive guide offering practical tips and strategies to help you achieve personal and professional success. Here are some key takeaways and tips to help you on your journey towards a better life:

1. Take 100% Responsibility for your life: Accept that you are the creator of your own life. Take ownership and responsibility for your choices, actions, and outcomes. No more blaming the other person for decisions or choices that have gone wrong.

Even if it is an advice and it did not turn out right, you take responsibility because it was an advice, and you were not forced to take it. Taking ownership and responsibility for your choices empowers you to make positive changes and overcome obstacles.

2. Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve in different areas of your life – career, finance, relationships, health, and mental and emotional growth. Set SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound – goals.

You know that just setting the goals does not guarantee it will be done. Jack Canfield states that you write it down every day. This will help your subconscious and propel you to take actions daily towards your goals.

3. Develop a Positive Mindset: Cultivate aMindset is everything positive attitude and mindset. Believe in yourself, practice gratitude, affirm your goals, and visualize your success. Surround yourself with positive influences and affirmations.

In the book, Jack Canfield shared several stories of him and others which show that having a positive mindset plays a huge role in your personal and professional success. Another book, “Rich Habits, Passive Income, Creative Thinking, Persuasion, and Investing for Beginner” states that success is 80 % mindset and 20 % strategy. Huge! I intend to pitch my tent here for some time; spending time working on my mindset.

4. Take Massive Action: I think most of us know what to do. We may have even accomplished the tasks in our minds. The challenge is usually taking action; converting those thoughts into what can be seen physically. Or in my case, I took inconsistent actions which did not translate to making my dreams a reality.

Success requires action. Break down your goals into actionable steps and commit to taking consistent and focused action. Embrace opportunities, learn from failures, and never give up.

5. Expand Your Knowledge and Skills: You can’t go far if you don’t expand your knowledge and skills. The direction of a wave can change, life happens, information is layered, and change is permanent. You need to be sure you are not left behind. When one skill is no longer in demand, you leverage on another.

Commit to continuous learning and personal development. Read books, attend seminars, take courses, and seek mentors. Align your knowledge and skills with your goals.

6. Build Strong Relationships: CultivateStrong relationships positive relationships and networks. Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded individuals who inspire and motivate you. Collaborate, learn from others, and contribute value to those around you.

I learnt this the hard way. I got into a managerial position which requires me leveraging on my network. It became clear to me that I had buried myself in the job and left out an important aspect that could have still helped the job at some point.

7. Practice Persistence and Resilience: Expect challenges and setbacks along the way. Develop resilience, learn from failures, and keep going. Persistence is the key to long-term success.

I want to pat myself just a little bit on the back in this area. No matter how far I have gone from my plan and goals – months and years, I keep coming back to it. However, I need to improve significantly. The bit I had done had not moved the needle. So, I must do more.

Remember, these are just a few key principles from the book. “The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield is filled with valuable insights, tools, and strategies that can guide you on your path to personal and professional success. By applying these principles and staying committed to your goals, you can create a better life for yourself in the coming years.

Are you desiring to go from where you are to where you want to be? Grab a copy of The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be Today!

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