Dave had a rough life growing up. His parents were poor, and they could not afford some basics of life. Dave struggled and left home for a better life. He wanted to be happy and to afford his needs and those of his family. He worked hard and became successful; able to buy houses, cars and other material possessions. Dave took care of his family, went on vacation, but he was still not happy.

Are you happy? If not, why not?

Marriages break down. Parents miss out on having relationships with their children. People are busy pursuing ‘happiness’. “If only I’ve this or that, I’ll be happy.”

The pursuit of happiness may be the pursuit of money in disguise. People perceive that if they have money, they’ll be happy. Yes, you’ll be happy when you can provide basic needs for you and your family. You can also be happy when you do what you want, when you want, and how you want. And money affords you such autonomy. However, research has shown that you are only happy to a certain point and more money thereafter doesn’t make you happier.

Indeed, money contributes to your happiness, but if you think critically, you’ll agree it is just one contributor to your happiness. There are other contributors to your happiness. Because money is not the only contributor to happiness and although people think of money as ‘wealth’, money is not the true wealth.

Wealth is a positioning, a leverage, the capacity to get things done or to make things happen with ease. Wealth is a state of well-being and abundance where resources in the various aspects of life are plentiful. This explanation of wealth makes one understand that money is not the only thing you need to make things happen.

For you to make a difference in your environment and the world, you need a blend of the dimensions of wealth which allows you to build values, strength, influence and money.

5 dimensions of wealth you can’t afford to ignore in your pursuit of success and happiness.

Spiritual Dimension

You are a spirit, living in a body, and have a soul. Do you have a connection to your creator, your source of purpose, your source of meaning, and your source of existence?

Everyone should aspire to leave life prints–legacies, impacts that affect people–showing that you passed through this world. Ask yourself if you live to the ripe age of 70 or 80 years and you look back into the past years, what will you be glad you did? Are you working on it now? If not, make plans to do it. Life prints are displays of wealth, about you applying your wealth of resources, knowledge and skills to affect lives positively. Leaving life prints is fulfilling. Yes, it can make you happy.

The spiritual dimension of wealth is about values, ethics, principles and spiritual beliefs that help guide you in life, work and relationships; and direct your visions and goals in life. This is a core dimension of wealth from which other dimensions spring from. This can’t be neglected, or your pursuit of happiness is in futility.

Ponder on this, Is happiness an external pursuit or an internal disposition?

Well, this is a topic for another day. But then, you can leave comments and let me know what you think.

Health dimension

You must have heard, ‘health is wealth.’

How does your body feel? Is your body functioning well or does it need some attention? How does it respond to you wanting to act? Are you neglecting your body or are you taking care of it? Are you feeling well? Are you sleeping well? The body can rejuvenate when it is given the opportunity to do so. Are you giving your body the nutrients and the rest it needs? Are you physically fit?

The state of your health can either help or prevent you from making money. It is one who is healthy that puts in the time, efforts and resources to make money. Besides, what good is all the money in the world if you don’t have the energy and well-being to enjoy it?

Taking care of your health means investing in yourself. It involves maintaining a balanced lifestyle, focusing on proper nutrition, physical fitness, mental well-being, and preventive care. Prioritizing your health will not only increase your longevity but also enhance your productivity, happiness, and overall quality of life.

Remember, your health is an asset that you shouldn’t take for granted. So, as you journey towards prosperity, don’t forget to nourish your body, mind, and spirit along the way. Stay mindful of the health dimension of wealth, and it’ll pay you back in abundance!

Mental Dimension

Mental wealth refers to the knowledge, skills, creativity, and mindset that contribute to an individual’s intellectual development and well-being. A healthy mindset is an asset that can lead to personal fulfillment, adaptability, and success in various aspects of life.

Battles rage in the mind. Yes, the mind is a battlefield, and it’s an unending battle. When you conquer in the mind, you conquer in the physical realm. This dimension is about your mind and emotions. You become who you think. You attain what you think. You say what you think. Your thoughts shape you. If you think RICH, you become rich. If you think POOR, you remain poor.

If you think depressive thoughts, you become depressed. If you continue to feel entitled and believe you can sit and what you desire falls on your lap, or you focus on challenges and obstacles in life, you become a chronic complainer.

If your mind is clogged with negativity, unforgiveness, shame and guilt, there is no space for abundance. Your life will remain miserable.

Your beliefs which may have been passed down to you influence who you are and your ability to produce wealth. Some people doubt their capability and so can’t go beyond the image they have of themselves.

Guard your thoughts, reject and put away all the thoughts and emotions that weigh and keep you down. Then, you are open to new experiences, people and material things you want.

Remember, your thoughts mold your beliefs, your beliefs produce your emotions, and your emotions lead to your behaviours and actions.

When you think you are a conqueror despite the challenges and obstacles, you will conquer. If you affirm you have joy after all you’ve been through, you will exude joy. Think prosperity, you will prosper. Develop a wealth mindset.

Relational Dimension

The relational dimension of wealth refers to the connections you have with the people that matter most — family, friends, and colleagues. There is strength in being with people. You can’t go all alone in all situations. You can achieve more with people than by trying to do it alone. It is impossible to achieve in all facets of life without input from people. Like the saying goes, “No man is an Island.”

Building more relationships will help not just you but also people who may leverage on your network to take a step forward or higher. People have tapped into their network to help others get jobs, get excellent service providers, market products and even get life partners. The list of what you can achieve with building relationships is endless.

If you can’t leverage on your present relationships, you may need to deepen the existing ones or build more relationships. Those who have extensive network do not lack. Digital marketers and others who have large email lists have testified to how they were broke and turned to their network to sell a digital product. People have made money from their network without initial capital. Does this not make you think that the relational dimension may be more valuable than the financial dimension?

Hanging out with family, friends and colleagues relaxes you physically and mentally. Engaging moments of smiling and laughing will do you some good. Did you know that smiling and laughing increase positivity, reduce stress, strengthen immune system, improve mood, and reduce pain?  

Who do you surround yourself with? Are they sincerely supportive? Do they encourage, motivate and nudge you towards your dreams or goals? Do they make you relax and enjoy being with them? Take this dimension of wealth seriously. It is healthy for your flesh and mind.

Relating can be as simple as sharing a meal, going for a walk together, or having a pleasant conversation. Investing time in nurturing your relationships is vital. When you prioritize your connections, you create a harmonious and supportive environment that contributes to your overall well-being and enriches your lives in countless ways.

Financial Dimension

Financial Dimension is about money, investments, businesses, incomes, net worth and spending. Incomes are earnings from various sources, such as entrepreneurship, employment and investments. Incomes are essential for wealth building and spending to meet financial needs. Wealth building involves saving, investing and making smart financial decisions that will enable you to build a solid financial foundation for the future.

When one is financially secure, it means the person has enough money to cover present and future expenses, having emergency savings, insurance coverage and a solid financial plan to reduce risks and maintain stability.

Are you financially secure? If Yes, fantastic. If No, what are you doing about it?

Did you know financial security is different from financial independence?

Financial security refers to your financial ability to meet your immediate needs and ongoing needs and you are also prepared for unexpected emergencies. You are financially independent, when you have accumulated enough wealth or passive income to cover your living expenses without relying on traditional employment or financial support from family, friends and well-wishers. You are self-reliant and you are not dependent on a regular paycheck. This, my friend, is a good place to be! A place as a 9-5er, I’m no longer counting days to payday. A place even if we go on workers’ strike and ‘no work no pay rule’ applies, I don’t lose sleep and I can still meet up with my bills and expenses.

There is even a better place to be. A place of financial Freedom. Financial freedom is farther from financial independence. You are financially free when you have enough money to cover living expenses and can have choices and flexibility on how you live your life. Financial freedom allows you to pursue your passions, make life choices including career based on personal fulfillment rather than financial limitations. Financial freedom is all about making choices based on personal values and priorities, personal empowerment and autonomy over your financial and lifestyle choices. I’m so looking forward to the grand transition to financial freedom. What about you? Indeed, it is a place to be for the good of all.

And you know financial wealth can facilitate the other dimensions of wealth. Your financial status influences your personal development, attitude and health. So yes, it is needful to make money.  

When someone refers to wealth, most people’s minds go to money. However, true wealth is more than money.

My focus is on 5 dimensions of wealth – finance, mindset, relationships, health, and spirituality. These dimensions of wealth interconnect and collapse into one unit – true wealth.

Focusing on the 5 dimensions instead of one will lead to holistic formation of your person leading to you becoming who you are called to be. Your spirit, mind and body should be made whole, and you have what it takes to do so.

These dimensions and experiences (travels, career, hobbies) mold us into who we become. How we invest in these dimensions determines who we become. If you like who you have become, you have invested well. If you don’t like who you have become, there is room for change. Put in the time, efforts and resources to develop to the best version of you.

All dimensions may not have your 100 % attention at the same time, but you sure need to give all dimensions some attention. If you focus on finance only and you don’t sleep, rest or eat well and you alienate yourself from family and friends, who knows how that period will be for you?

If you break down or burn out, your career or business will have to wait. At such times, you may need people. Who will you call, and they will make the sacrifice to be by your side?

Where are you in the true wealth wheel? Is the wheel revolving smoothly or is there one dimension that is affecting the smooth movement of the wheel?

Are you busy with all the perceived priorities that you may be missing out on true wealth?

Don’t spend all your time focusing on the pursuit of money when you could be focusing on your health, spending time with loved ones or doing something you are passionate about.

As you journey through life, rather than just having financial capital and acquiring material possessions, ensure you are fulfilling your purpose, making impact, leaving legacies, experiencing fulfillment, and having holistic capital. Time management is critical to you having holistic capital.

Remember, we steward wealth. Your wealth is not for you alone. It is for the good of all.

Live a healthier life, be the happier you and be wealthy in all dimensions.


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