“We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other.”

Luciano Decrescenzo captured my heart in the quote. There is no progress or success without the help of others.

Do you love writing? Then you are welcome to my hub, a blend of writing and marketing. Marketing? Yea marketing! To brand yourself in your field and have clients, you need to market yourself. To fulfil your dream and excel exceedingly, marketing is required. So as I integrate the worlds of writing and marketing, I will be sharing strategies on how to excel as a writer and a marketer. However, before this, I would like to tell you about me.

I am a pharmacist by profession who is currently running a postgraduate programme in drug delivery. Some years back, I discovered I was an embodiment of science and art. However, it took me time before I began to take baby steps towards my passions. Initially I chose to focus on school but studying became quite challenging due to funding and I opted for a writing course. I allowed myself to be distracted from the writing course and delved into an online marketing workshop. I attempted a few things online such as signing up for affiliates. When there was no immediate gratification I took a break from online marketing and focused on study. At intervals I went back to writing and submitting to sites like helium and search warp. However, I realized that the problem was me; not the writing or the marketing. My challenges were lack of focus, diligence and consistency. Every business, dream or passion needs to be harnessed to blossom.

Recently I realized that there is no ‘hit and run’ business or dream. Every business requires time and effort. Every dream needs to be nurtured. I imagined that if I had been consistent all the years, I would have made a huge progress. However, we have an adage “whenever, a person wakes up is his morning”. I have woken up and there is no going back. Better late than never! My dreams and passions are my access to greatness. So are yours.

A friend told me I am like a cargo aircraft from which other aircrafts launch out. I believe you can fly and I am here to help you fly. As another friend Clem would say, ‘life is too short for you to learn everything by personal experience.”

Have you ever desired to write and have spent all your life wondering how you can promote yourself as a writer? Or have you taken an initial bold step but have been paralyzed by rejection? I am here to show you how to succeed as we work together. So lets overcome your inertia and turn your wishes to realities.

To the fulfillment of your dream

13 Responses to “About Ndidi”

  1. Ndidi, this is very inspirational. We actually should never stop learning at any stage of life and the milestones of life must always be documented. We must never stop learning and writing. Continue the great work., you are a GEM.

  2. Woman of many parts.

  3. Good to see U Ma,
    I believe U are doing fine.

  4. I have always known that there is something diferent about you.
    You are a bundle of talents. Just keep at it and you will go beyond the sky.

  5. Ndidi!!!! It has been great visitng your site for the first time today. I have always believed there’s something extra about you; so happy you have discovered yourself. Keep flying! Soar higher!! And Higher!!!

  6. Great to visit this site. . .we have got to be interacting more.

  7. Knowing you has placed a torchlight in my hands. All along I was just a blind man trying to cross a very busy, six-lane highway with huge trucks screaming in both directions.
    Knowing you showed me how to weave btw those trucks without getting hit.
    Merci Ndidi

  8. Very nice to meet you Ndidi, and great to see people from my motherland trying to make their mark in this global scene!
    Saw your comment on copyblogger.
    keep the great work going!

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